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The Lady with Class

This week’s ‘Monthly Rave’ winner is... Judi Moreo! (Thunderous applause, people standing) I met Judi at the Las Vegas Writer’s Conference where she spoke about getting out there and selling your books. Her vibrant personality (with a hint of southern charm) lit up the room. I didn’t realize the turn my life took that day.
Later Judi sent invites to the Henderson Writer’s Group for her book, ‘Life Choices; Pursuing Your Passions.’ I submitted my story and she published it in her anthology.
Since then I’ve worked with her in a number of capacities, and she is the real deal; motivational speaker, author, breast cancer survivor and a person of quality and integrity. I am pleased to be associated with her.
On March 23-25, Judi and the great people she surrounds herself with will be hosting ‘Life Choices; The Event,’ where a person can learn about changing his life, from different speakers and leaders that have overcome alcoholism, gambling addictions, death and loss and have found tools to succeed in life. You won’t want to miss this event!
Go to to check it out and register. Use the code PYPKP and I’ll be able to connect with you. Hurry, as the discounted rates are effective until January 31st. You can bring a friend at a discounted rate as well. Judi always signs off with, “You are more than enough.” Come and learn how you can be.
See you there!

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Sandra Gore said...

I'm with you totally on the positive impact Judi has on lives. I'll be at the Mar 25 Life Choices: The Event. I'll even be saying a few words - thanks to Judi!