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Rigid Scheduling

While each state gets allotted time, we have levity to adjust and tweak here and there. Perhaps if Kansas is simply too compelling, we may add a day. You never know how much time we'll spend at the World's Largest Ball of Twine. However, three portions of the'50 States' trip must be set in stone:
The ferry to Alaska. We must make reservations in advance. The trip is 23 hours, and the Little Woman said we could save money by declining a stateroom. I don't think so! Perhaps we could set the pop top up on the car deck. I doubt that, since one must give the exact length of the vehicle when making reservations. Amazing, the bike and trailer are similar in length to a full size Chevy extended cab pickup. No special motorcycle pricing there.
Secondly, we planned on being with the kids in Florida during Christmas. Perfect. Except they moved to Seattle! Plan B is a one week Caribbean cruise. While a cruise is certainly wonderful, it makes for a lame Christmas. One of the down sides of a year of travel.
Third, the flights to and from Hawaii must be set in stone too. Yep, 50 states. We'll fly there and rent a bike. Hopefully, we'll get enough air miles to cover the flight. We'll just have to buy tons of junk and charge it on our Visa card.
I wonder if we could charge a Gold Wing on the card?

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