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Crutching Update

The crutches are gone! Woo hoo!
Now for some insight into crutching:
Women hold the door for you. Call me old fashioned, call me a sexist, but I hated it. I wasn't that wild about men holding the door, but after some time it became comfortable. That's the last time you'll see the word 'comfortable' in the same paragraph as 'crutches.'
Crutching develops calloused armpits, which is of absolutely no use. So much for my male model career.
Crutches are tough. I'm pretty sure a person could throw them across the cab of his pickup without damaging them. No, I didn't do it. I'm just saying a person could.
They are lightweight. Love that aluminum!
Do you know they don't teach you how to use them? That's crazy! Going downstairs is a crutching skill.
Crutches and a walking cast are great for getting on a plane early. I may keep them just for that.
Crutches are really hard. My granddaughter Lily was ahead of me, headed for our back door when she decided to do a one-eighty and take off. Bonk! She's a tough little kid. No tears. Hopefully she'll forget and still love me. Actually, she did and does.
What a great weapon. I so wanted someone to knock me down and try to mug me. I'd have broken their shins!
You can flick a light switch or operate a handicapped door button from five feet away. Very handy.
They don't store worth a hoot, like for instance in a movie theater, or church.
I'm going to miss those crutches.

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