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Buying the Bike- Challenges

Since I have a construction background, I have purchased myriad things, both traditionally and in an auction format. I've stood in a yard and held up my number to bid on a $100,000 excavator, keeping my face impassive during the bidding. Why must our faces be impassive? Must be a man thing.
So buying a bike on E-Bay? Shoot, the E-Trade baby could probably do it.
I searched for Gold Wings and found a candidate that met our parameters. A 2007 silver model looked appealing. I bid on it, but didn't make the reserve. I raised it, and whoa! It met the reserve.
The time ticked down and no one else bid on it. I watched the clock count down and with two minutes to go, I knew it was mine. Then, with TWO SECONDS to go and no time for me to outbid, somebody bid higher than me. Drat!
Only when the bike escaped my grasp did I realize the emotion I had tied to it. I wanted that bike! Then reason kicked in, as I knew there are plenty more where that one came from. I just need more E-Bay training.
The search continues.

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