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Come On, Take a Risk

"Honey, what are you reading?"
"It's a blog from a guy with a cast, telling me to take a risk." She puts her hands on her hips. "I'm your mother. You get off that site."
Okay, I have an uphill battle. I'm telling you- okay asking you- to take a risk. It doesn't have to be racing motorcycles. But it's time to shake things up a bit. Here are ten ideas that could get you outside of that rut:
1.) Order or make something different to eat. It doesn't have to be Elephant Toenails Flambe.' Perhaps go to a different restaurant, maybe Thai or Greek.
2.) Listen to different music. That's not too risky is it? And you don't have to listen to rap, because that's not music. Remember if you can't whistle it, it ain't music.
3.) Listen to or read a book by someone who is different than you. I recently read an old Michael Crichton book on abortion, with a different slant than mine. Don't be afraid. It makes you think about what you believe. If it changes you one hundred eighty degrees, your beliefs were built on sand anyway.
4.) Do something spontaneous. Once as I drove my sister somewhere I said, "Let's stop at Dairy Queen for banana splits." She still talks about that.
5.) Speaking of spontaneous, I drove my dad in Las Vegas and looked up at the towering Stratoshpere. "You want to ride the Big Shot? He agreed! So we turned off, rode the elevator to 921 feet above the Strip and launched with 4 g's of force 160 feet in the air. He was eighty- six. So number six is, ride something exciting. Escalators don't count. Zip lines are easy to ride. If they can offer them to cruise ship people, then anyone can do it.
6.) Do art. Hand draw a greeting card. Now here comes the risky portion: Mail it to someone you love.
7.) Be creative. Write a poem, short story or song. This time, be really creative, knowing you can throw it away if you like.
8.) Sit and think. Seriously. Sometimes I take time to stop, regroup and think. Bring a paper and pen. Get away somewhere close but distraction free, like a park. Take an hour.
9.) Show someone you love them. Stop by and see them. Invite someone to lunch.
And number ten, the most crazy, terrifying extreme thing you may ever encounter! (Drum roll please)
Tell someone you love them.
Listen to the guy with the crutches, not your Mom just this one time.
Take a risk.

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Maudie Robinson said...

This is great, Kevin! I admire your Dad's courage, not just because he actually took the elevator to the top of the Stratosphere, but rode the Big Shot at age 86. I had a hard time getting my mother out of her recliner at age 86, let alone doing something as "risky" as the Big Shot. I enjoy your blogs and keep 'em coming. Thanks.