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50 States Book Report

This week’s preparation for our tour includes a book report, ‘Investment Biker, On the Road With Jim Rogers.’ The author managed the quantum Fund with George Sorros in the ‘70s and made a jillion dollars. In 1994 he decided to tour the world on a motorcycle. Being a capitalist driver person, he couldn’t just ride around. Every country he entered, he studied their economy for investment possibilities.
His documentation of the trip made for fascinating reading. He made some real mistakes, too. First, he brought his girlfriend along (not a mistake) who had no motorcycle experience (mistake). She spent three months learning to ride and he gave her his old bike (mistake) and off they went. Spoiler alert: She went the distance. But in Siberia, she came precariously close to flying home or killing him. She deserves some kind of award, more so than Jim, who owned the vision for the ride.
Rogers can’t help but be a money guy. No matter what country he’s documenting, he can wax on for pages about stupid government plans, debt, social issues that result from money or lack of it, and money investment advice. Some may find it distracting, but I read it, mesmerized. His predictions proved interesting too. Many have come to pass, and a few he missed.
I’m going to let the Little Woman read it. Fortunately we won’t encounter difficult border guards, civil wars and thieves.
Well, two out of three anyway.
Although you never know about those Canadian border guards.

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