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Travelling - The Details

Where's the best place to go in Maine? Tennessee? As The Little Woman and I plan this trip, we studied a plethora of books from others who have traveled before us. After talking about it for weeks, we finally sat down, compared notes, and started a spreadsheet. (Gotta love those spreadsheets!)
First, the sites. We must see Gettysburg in- where? Do you know? Pennsylvania. Where is the Norman Rockwell exhibit? Want a hint? In Arlington. Still lost? Vermont. And finally, an easy one. Where can you tour a Harley factory? Well maybe in Milwaukee, but there's one in York, Pennsylvania. Sorry, trick question.
Next, the twisties. Looks like every state has them. It's funny because bikers search for windy, curling roads. I thought about it and one reason is leaning and curving through the roads, braking and accelerating through the turns, but the other is they always take you somewhere interesting, as they must wind up a mountainside, weave between hills and canyons or follow a crooked shoreline. Don't want to miss Highway 80 to Mitchell State Park in North Carolina. Long Island sounds fun, if we can take the ferry and miss New York City. Not interested in The Big Apple on a bike with a trailer. And of course, Highway 129 and 28, Deal's Gap in Tennessee. Affectionately called The Dragon's Back.'
And you do not want to miss the World's Largest Thermometer in Baker, Nevada. See the photo and pack your bags!
What's of interest in your state? Shoot, even Kansas has The World's Largest Prairie Dog. Gotta see that! Contact me through Facebook or


Anonymous said...

Well, what can I say? Words escape me. I have emailed but I expect it hasn't got to you. Hopefully, this will. My mother-in-law and husband are visiting Vegas in September. They really want to meet you because I told them that you guys are real, normal, everyday Americans. After seeing your endeavers in photos, tho' I'm not sure that you can be classified as normal anymore. Anyway I guess that you will be somewhere else in Sept. However where will you be from Dec.23rd to Jan.10th 2013? Tony and I are travelling with friends to NY for Christmas and then heading on to Washington and then Aspen, Colorado for 10 days. Would be great to catch up if you haven't been to any of those places yet. Look forward to hearing from you....Jody Watkins.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

We would love to see you during your travels. We'll be in Georgia, Alabama and Florida during those dates. That's a ways from New York! But seeing our Aussie friends would be awesome