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Dave Dravecky

What have you lost lately? Your job? Half your 401(K)? Your house? Most losses we've endured lately (except friends and loved ones to death) are a result of the Great Recession. We suffer loss.
Dave Drevecky pitched for the San Francisco Giants in the '80s, rocking his world with an amazing baseball career. Yet it all came crashing down when he discovered cancer in his pitching arm. Eventually the arm had to be amputated. His identity, his life revolved around his arm. He suffered with severe depression.
Finally he asked himself some questions: "Who am I? Why am I here? And now what am I supposed to do with my life?" Through extensive counseling and a spiritual journey, he found the answers he needed so dearly.
Last weekend our church hosted him, and our pastor interviewed him about his journey. If you've experienced loss, this is a remarkable story that will encourage you. You'll find it at Go to 'This Weekend' then 'Video from our current series' in the drop down box.
Dave's website is
Mr. Dravecky wins our 'Monthly Rant' award. Thunderous applause! Way to bounce back, Dave! You inspire us!

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Anonymous said...

Arm cancer. Wow. So ironic. I'm off to watch the video. Already sounds so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!