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Planning: Books and Information

How do you know that ‘Tail of the Dragon’ at Deals Gap North Carolina, exists? If you love to ride motorcycles or read about the same, this is the epitome of motorcycling fun. 318 curves in eleven miles, ‘the dragon’ is a ride not to be missed, winding through NC and Tennessee.
The information Age gets us all we need. Periodicals, books and the good old Internet deluge us with information. The Little Woman and I are voracious readers. First, old school. The library blessed us with ‘USA101,’ by Gary McKechnie. He gives a firsthand tour of America, with a bit of history too. He also penned ‘Great American Motorcycle Tours’. More touring but with a motorcycle bent. He seems to travel really slowly, sometimes telling us to allow three days for a two hundred mile tour. We don’t want to just jam it and ride every day, but come on! Apparently he likes to stop at the bars and shops.
Another interesting book is America’s Backroads 20 Top Motorcycle Tours. This breaks the country into five sections, with five different riders giving first person tours.
American Motorcyclist Magazine provides a plethora of ideas for touring this great country. I’ve been a member of the AMA for decades, and last year took advantage of their free towing service. Love the AMA.
The Little Woman emails every state visitor authority to get propaganda touting their wonderful state.
Lastly, the Internet provides unlimited access to touring clubs, forums, and websites. Okay, we have too much information. What to do with it? We started with a notebook and indexed each state. Now we’re thinking of towing another trailer for the information, or putting it on an Excel spreadsheet.
Finally, how about you? What would you recommend? Feel free to comment.

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