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Excellent Service Rave

How does one provide excellent service? Gail at the Circle K on Rancho and Michael Street showed me the epitome of simple, superior service. I hopped out of my truck (literally) and retrieved my crutches from the back seat.As I crutched to the entry, Gail spotted me, so she waited and held the door for me. I thanked her profusely. She followed me to the back, and when I stopped, she asked me if I'd like a hand.
"Sure. I'd like a large Dr. Diet Pepper." (Warning!Product placement!)
"Is there anything else I can help you with?"
"Nope. That's it."
She carried my soda to the counter.
"Do you need a hand to the car?"
"No. If you bag it, that's fine."
She smiled and returned to her duties.
What makes this excellent service? Gail took initiative. She saw my need and took charge. Then she took the time to follow me and offer specific help. (Most employees greet us at the door and ask the vacant question, 'Can I help you?' because it's company policy and we reply, 'No.') Last, She offered more service above the norm.
What did this cost Gail? Nothing. Maybe two minutes of her time. What did it cost Circle K? Absolutely nothing.
Was it difficult for Gail? No.
What are the rewards? A happy customer who tells his friends.
There are ten convenience stores on Rancho. I will always shop at the Circle K. Hats of to Gail and the Rancho Circle K for the September Rave! Thunderous applause! Put the tiara on her. Hand her the bouquet. Aw. She's crying. That Gail. She's so humble.

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