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Pep Boys Thumbs Down

My Colorado pickup refused to start. I cleaned the battery posts and managed to get it fired. Because I'm on crutches, I stopped by the local Pep Boys for a 'Free Battery Check.'
It's free all right. First, the fellow took my information and wrote it on a work order. Then he entered it in his computer.
This is efficient.
After four pieces of paperwork he took my keys and advised I retire to the waiting room.
I waited. Read a magazine. Paged through another. Watched the tube.
He returned with another sheet of paper, indicating my battery lived a long, good life, but it became time to part ways.
For a hundred fifty six bucks!
I said no way. Got anything cheaper? Nope. Fine. I'll take my truck elsewhere.
Please wait while we get your truck out of the shop.
I waited.
Got in my truck. Thankfully, it started.
Start to finish for the 'Free Battery Check?' Forty- five minutes.
I drove A HUNDRED FEET to Auto Zone. Told him I needed a new battery. No need to check it. He quoted two batteries, two prices. I took the Two Year.
Can you install it?
He grabbed a few tools and switched out the batteries.
One receipt. Just over a hundred bucks. Still too much money, really. But still.
Ten minutes.
Pep Boys, thumbs down.
Auto Zone, thumbs up!
So this is a Rant, but really more of a Rave.
Hat's off to Auto Zone! You rock, AZ!