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Intangibles- What Does The Trip Really Cost?

"50 states in 50 weeks on a motorcycle, that is so cool," people gush. It is cool. And cold. And hot, windy, rainy, sunny...
There are intangible costs to a year of travel. We've talked about money. These costs include time away from loved ones, missing local events, being out of so many loops.
Tim and Jamie are having a baby in April, and a few weeks later we take off. No seeing the grandkids for a year. Weddings, funerals? We may have two wedding conflicts, and certainly for our daughter Amy's we'll fly back. Because her fiancée is in Niger and struggling to emigrate, there could be a scheduling glitch. We fly back. Where did we pack that suit and dress? Hmm.
Funerals? We haven’t any planned. Right. Life may throw us curveballs and we’ll have to adjust our swing.
We need to quit or take a year off of Men’s Ministry, church Operations Teams, small groups, quilting groups, and racing dirt bikes. One worry is that friendships wane with distance.
Christmas on the trip will land in Florida. While the lyrics glorify ‘dashing through the snow,’ we don’t plan on doing it on a motorcycle. Birthdays, anniversaries? All on the road.
The trip includes a plethora of sacrifices. Will it be worth it? I think so. But it can be a high price to pay.
What’s your dream? Are you willing to pay the prices for it?

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