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Overcoming the 2 Funsuckers

Fear and guilt can wreck any endeavor. First, fear can grip you when striving for a goal. I have struggled with fear as we plan this trip. Flat tires, snow, rain, tornadoes, bears and myriad other daunting specters tell me not to do it. But I remember the joy is worth the struggle. Some say 'the best things in life are free,' but I say the best things in life are hard. Think about it. Whether it's saving money for that boat, working to wear that graduation gown, or celebrating that anniversary, it tastes sweeter when you know you did your best and overcame myriad obstacles. Churchill said, "The only thing to fear is fear itself."
Guilt, that's another challenge. shouldn't I be working? Isn't this a one year vacation? Yes and no. I've set a goal to speak in every state. Also as a writer, I can write anywhere. Nonetheless, being a recovered workaholic (the Little Woman call me a recovering workaholic- the nerve!), I struggle with it. One way that has helped me is The Year of Jubilee in the Old Testament. Every 50 years God commanded the nation of Israel to celebrate the year of Jubilee, where they forgave debts, returned to their families and started over. An agrarian society, they didn't sow or harvest that year, but simply ate the crops out of their fields. Being 59 when the trip begins, it's our Year of Jubilee. Maybe we'll do it again when I turn 109.
So, fear and guilt, take a hike! Let's go have fun.

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