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The Long Ride

The Little Woman and I have done a few trips with the pop top trailer, but not an extended trip. Let's go to Colorado. Well, why not?
Veterans claim you pack the same amount for two weeks as three days. We'll see about that. Now we've gotten a stove, dishes, and a couple sleeping bags. Haven't gotten a heater yet. Hmm.
Surprise! Should one want to camp on Memorial Day weekend, one should get reservations. After a bit of rejection here and there, we're set to camp in Utah for the weekend and do some day trips.
I changed oil on the Gold Wing and got it prepped. Searching for loose ends. Like the stove. Is there a gas canister with it? Probably should open the box and see.
And, typical travel preparation, a lot of things pile up on the last day. Just keep taking care of one thing at a time.
Launch is scheduled for tomorrwow just after dawn, and I'll be blogging every day.

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