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Weekend Highs and Lows

As I ran the last leg of the triathlon and the last 1/3 of a mile, an guy one year younger passed me, his calf reading 57. I had almost finished the race, and no one older than me passed me.
So perhaps everyone older than me finished already?
Nah. Then it hit me.
This guy is in my class!
I picked up the pace, which I thought was already as fast as I could go.
Not so.
I followed him up the hill.
He wore a slick shirt, shorts, and fancy shoes.
"No way you're beating me, Mr. Triathlon," I said to myself.
I followed him and planned the pass.
At the top of the hill, right where the 'adoring fans' congregated, I would turn it on, sprint in, and beat him. I would rely on their positive energy to help me. Kids holding out their hands for a slap, people yelling words of encouragement, the announcer broacasting our arrival, all would help me to kick it.
And that's the way it went.
I passed the guy and sprinted in, gasping and panting from exhaustion. I left it all on the course.
As a bonus, I managed to stay vertical the entire time. Hooray.
For you numbers people, I finished 160th out of 237 in the overall men, and 7th out of 10 in the 55-59 men.
A few notes:
The wounded knee? No problem. I wrapped it and it survved just fine.
The event is managed so well, it can't be overstated. Sign up online. Go to the hotel, check in under five minutes. Race in one of twenty-four disciplines, eight hundred or so people, and get the results the next day. Unofficial ones within the hour at the course.
Running after the biking is horrible. With already spent legs, the calves turn to concrete and whine like crazy.
The water was freezing, even with a wetsuit. But thank God for the wetsuit.
There are a lot of really fast people out there. Every age, both sexes. Built like gazelles, and just as fast.
God bless the big people! Lots of them, competing. Very cool.
The lows? Just one. Went to the cabin. No heat, five feet of snow. Brrr! Beautiful up there, nonetheless.
DING DING! Bonus time! Finally, I biked up the hill behind the house, accomplishing a five month goal.

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