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Colorado day 1

After the 50th big rig passed me, I said to the Little Woman, "This is so counterintuitive for me." For sure. We held the speed at 65, and enjoyed the ride.
Getting out of Vegas is exactly that- North on I-15 to Cedar City, with the hordes. At last we found some roads less traveled.
The weather contained contrasts, as in Nevada it crawled toward the 90s, then plummeted to the mid-forties in the mountains. At Cedar Breaks we found miles of snowbound meadows. Between the snow and still denuded trees, they apparently missed the Tweet that it's late spring.
Escalante Utah is a cute little town, contrary to what I have heard. However, it does look like a place you could live and slowly starve to death. But my what beauty. Then Eastward to stunning cliffs of red, beige and brown. We rode one section along a ridge, with steep slopes and gorgeous panoramic views every direction.
We climbed again and found deer on each side of the road. Having hit a deer with a car previously, I watched them with apprehension. One looked schizophrenic; run across the road, or into the woods? Exhibiting deer brilliance, he chose the latter.
As the elevation climber to 8,000 feet, the temperature dropped relationally. Fortunately, we dropped again and slid into Torrey shortly before sunset. A quick nacho platter at the local cafe and back to the trailer. Today's lesson? Start sooner, ride less distance. 500 miles with a 9:40 start makes for a long day.
One more day, one more adventure.

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