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Colorado Day 5

I'm sitting at the picnic table and blogging on the computer. How cool is that? Not too cool, fortunately. The temperatures varied with the elevations today- up to over 10,000 feet and down to the thirties, respectively.
Colorado read my previous blogs where I used the word 'towering' to describe the rock cliffs and said, "Towering? You want to see towering?" Oh, my. The Rocky Mountains reach to the heavens, dappled with snow as the heat and rocks melt patches away. The sage valleys gave way to conifer hillsides and green grasses. Some deciduous trees have yet to leaf, defining summer as only a few weeks.
We stopped in Durango for a late lunch. We just can't seem to get going early. A nineteenth century house converted to a restaurant treated us to a couple of delicious meals. Okay the house didn't, the people did. Good food, service and ambiance. Nice combination.
In Silverton, a quaint little town settled in a valley, I remarked to the woman in her store, "I don't see any insulation. it must get cold in here in the winter."
"Yes," she said, "and in April...May..."
"Probably all the time except between July 1st and July 12th, right?"
"That's about right."
The beauty comes with a price.
If you like winding roads and twisties, get on your bike and ride in Colorado, between Durango, Silverton, and Montrose. I recommend a crotch rocket (sport bike), and I hope you live. Colorado seems to have a penchant for not building guardrails. And I understand. Shoot, they cost a lot of money, the snowplows can't throw the snow off the edge, and rockslides crash into them. So just don't install any. Right past the shoulder of the road, just leave eight hundred feet of cliff available for some slob to slide down, be it in his car, on a bike, or even a bicyclist. They should have driven better, doggonit! In the winter, just add ice to make it truly an adventure. And I like adventure. But today, I found myself gravitating toward the yellow line in the center of the road.
One more day, one more adventure.

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