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Colorado Day 6

Call me a cynic but I stood in front of the house, aghast. I held the sale information sheet in my hand. Said to the Little Woman:
"Guess how much?"
"I don't know...It's in Telluride so...Four hundred thousand?"
"One point six million."
Absloutely rdiculous. The house, built in 1880, needed work. Great location, a block off the main street of Telluride, but come on. You know it has suspect plumbing, deficient insulation and scary wiring.
Let's just say the place is worth a hundred grand. And that's a stretch. Add another hundred for being in a great town. Okay, is it worth throwing away over a million dollars for being near skiing? Do people have that much stupid money to toss? Enough ranting. Let them pay it, but I say it's going to crash hard one day, just like regular housing.
We returned to Ouray (Ooh'ray) and did a leisurely tour today. From the viewpoint, Ouray looks like someone opened the drain and the houses stopped around at the bottom. Yet after descending into town, Ouray is anything but flat. Historical markers indicate how the town grew from 1888 until 1908. At it's height, it contained 5,000 souls, and today only has 2,000. But from 1940 to 1972, it lay completely depressed until tourism ignited interest.
For you bikers, I spotted a sign that pointed up a dirt road and said, 'Cascade Falls.'
It sounded like fun, and we had seen a spectacular waterfall in the distance that probably met the criteria. I headed up the dirt road. And I mean up.
The road seemed to go up at around a ten percent grade,then stop. Not good. Now I'm committed, so I motored up to a turn-around area, pulled over and stopped. Both feet on the ground. Held the front brake hard. The front wheel slid backwards over the loose rocks. Killed the engine. How am I going to start this bike and turn it around and ride down the hill? Short story, I used my dirt biking hill climbing skills to get it done. And a rock behind the back wheel. But a dirt bike doesn't weight 960 pounds. Somehow kept it upright. The spectacular waterfall, at the end of a short and steep hike, made the risk worthwhile.
One more day, one more adventure.

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