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Colorado Day 4

This wasn't supposed to be a windshield ride, so we toured the Arches National Park. Went for a couple hikes. Gawked at the incredible vistas. No wonder Joseph Smith- or Brigham Young- wait a minute, it was Moroni- no, that was an angel. Anyway, he said, "Stop here. Utah is it." Good move! The cinnamon monuments reach toward the heavens and inspire the onlooker. This is like God said, "Hang on, watch what I can do here."
We started late, dawdled long, had a realxing lunch at Moab, then headed to Colorado at 4 P.M.
Not only that, we got ridiculously lost. We missed Montrose by a hundred miles and landed in Cortez, Colorado. Don't ask. Between Google Maps, a road map and GPS on the phone, we have no excuse.
Since the joy is in the journey, who cares? Utah gave way to Colorado with sage canyons spilling out to sage valleys, vast open territories that gave one a larger feeling of openness than Nevada.
Soon we climbed and the hills wore polka dotted dresses of pine trees. And we climbed even more. At last we traversed a plateau quilted with farms. The soil, soft brown and freshly tilled, looked able to grow anything.
Since the elevation lurked at 6,800 feet, the air had a deep chill to it and we landed at 7:30, we checked into a motel. Woo hoo! Turn that heat up!

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