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Brian Head Wild at Heart Adventure

What's better than a bunch of men getting together and working on their faith? Doing it on a ski and snowboard weekend. Oh yeah.
Twenty four men from our church, Canyon Ridge Christian Church, went to Brain Head, Utah for our annual Ski and Snowboard adventure. This year we spontaneously added snowmobiles too. We're men. We do spontaneous. It's another word for 'not planning.'
The weather didn't exactly cooperate. How can you complain? We're in the latter half of March, and there's four feet of snow. And it snowed while we were there. If you like winter sports, sometimes it snows.
But this weekend it blew, too. Wow. Some shrieking winds, with sideways snow. Is it snow from the sky, or from seven miles south? Hard to tell. The reward however is the snow sticks to the trees, creating a postcard view.
Robin Joyce, our fearless leader (i.e., Men's Pastor) spoke on 'The Tyranny of the Urgent.' This is based on the book by the same name, and the challenge is to discern between the urgent and the important. Sometimes we get caught up in something that seems vital and necessary, yet we overlook the big things, like God and family.
Because of one word in one e-mail, a small faction of us decided it was cool to snowmobile. Quite a few men never snowmobiled in their lives, so it was a new and wonderful experience. The snow for this proved to be very cooperative, a it was packed. While powder snow is super fun to ride on (through?) it is easy to get stuck, and getting unstuck can be daunting. No problem here! Bare mud roads were frustrating however, as we slid over them with our tracks and skis. Ouch.
Twenty four men went, and hopefully returned off the mountain a little bit better men.

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