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Hats Off To The State of Utah

Driving long 1-15, the skies opened up, a light shone down, the angels sang- it sounded like a combination of Handel's 'Messiah' and Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing.' A flock of doves flew into the air, parting to show a sign.
Was it a sign from God?
Okay maybe not.
The sign read, 'Speed Limit 80.'
Glory to God!
I stopped and took a picture. Would it turn out to be true? Or was this some cruel hoax?
Nope, '80' appeared on the back of the camera.
God bless the state of Utah.
This could be the beginning of all that is good.
People will be less worked up, as they move about quicker. Sammy Hagar, famous for his song decrying the Federal Government mandated speed limit in the 70's, sang,'I can't drive 55.' Maybe he'll sing a nicer song, with lyrics like this:
"The speed limit here is 80,
I'm headin' on down to Beatty,
I feel like I'm flyin'
Like some kinda Hawiian.
Feelin' really just greaty."
Okay, maybe not.
Besides, Beatty is in Nevada. But it rhymes with eighty.
Shoot, I may stop texting while I'm driving. I'll be there so much sooner, I might as well wait to text until I stop.
I may even stop using the ph- no, scratch that. No way.
It's about time we got to go faster!
I think back to my youth, and my first car, a '63 Chevy Impala. Right. I'm old. Got it. Yes,it was before microwaves, video recordings, and at the end of the vinyl record days. Anyway. One time I took that car up past a hundred. The wheel shook,the doors vibrated, wind shrieked through the windows, and I thought the thing would fly off the road any second.
Thirty years later- okay, maybe forty- I drove a little Doge Neon rental car in Montana. Took the thing past a hundred. Mind you, this is a little, cheap modern car.
It went '!PING!'
Straight as a string.
It sang along, zipping down the Interstate.
The newer cars are capable of safely achieving these speeds. They have laser constructed frames, radial tires, air bags, ABS brakes and myriad other slick engineered tricks to compensate for our idiocity.
Like driving 80.
During World War II (before the vinyl record), we Americans saw the Autobahn and experienced how it worked. That's what inspired the Interstate Highway System. Okay, so where's the 'no speed limit' sections of our freeways? Why are the Germans the only ones to have any fun?
Nevada and Montana once had roads without speed limits.
Wouldn't that be a blast?
I guess I should be happy with 80. It's a start.
Hopping into my truck, I accelerated into the flying traffic. Kicking it up a bit, I did something the Little Woman will testify I seldom do.
I drove less than the speed limit.

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