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Feels Like Heaven in 2011

Last week, reflecting on 2010, I told the Little Woman, "2010 could have been the best year of my life if I had a better attitude, and I didn't worry and whine so much."
So what's the deal? Good year, or bad year?
The answer is yes.
1.) We sold our house for a loss. We could have sold it for almost a million dollars around '05, but sold it for $400k. Less than we paid for it, including the improvements. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Well, we took the equity and bought a four year old, 2,600 s.f. house for cash. No mortgage! That my friends is a very good thing. I could overlook that and brood about the poor timing on the sale of my house but what good would it do me? For the first time in 411 months, we have no house payment. That's a very good thing.
2.) No company, no job. Oh, yeah? Well, now I have time and energy to write my novels, invest in Real Estate, and travel with the Little Woman. No company, right. No employee headaches, permitting struggles, fighting with insurance companies and lawyers, and trying vainly to collect money. Oh, it's a different life all right. But my oh my, let's not brood and cry about what could be.
3.) Two of my kids are struggling with their financial situations and have lost their houses. One has moved back home. It seems like all the time they grew up, we looked forward to them becoming mature and moving away. Now Tim and Jamie and little Lily have moved in with us. And we are thrilled! We get to spoil that little girl rotten.
So, how was your 2010? Was it a good thing or a bad thing? More importantly, what is your perspective?
So here comes 2011. Time to greet it with a smile. There are myriad things you can't change in your life.
But there is one thing you can change.
You can change your mind.
Feels like heaven in 2011.

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