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Rehab Update Week 6

"Is the house done?" the Little Woman asked.
"All done. Except..."
Every night, the litany is the same.
Well, the house is done!
No loose ends.
No 'Oh, I missed that.'
No waiting for hardware, another vendor, or another project to finish before the next one can start.
The floors are mopped, the windows sparkle, and the zigzags in the carpet resemble the grass on a major league park.
Shoot, we may even have a tenant!
Standing and observing the handiwork, I'm proud of giving this house a new life.
It's sort of a resurrection thing, or the Phoenix rising out of the ashes.
Now the house gets to be a comfortable, clean place for someone to
The neighborhood is better, too.
All done.
Except the driveway. We are stripping paint off of it, as the previously owner 'improved' it by painting it battleship gray.
Over the dirt and huge oil spots.
Easier than cleaning the oil off it, one assumes.
Or(Drumroll please),you could fix the leak!
So, back to the toxic chemicals and pressure washer.
But the house is done.

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