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Rahab Update- Almost There!

This is where you just want the project to be done. Almost everything is completed, but little niggling things keep popping up. The dining room light refuses to work. The tub drains, badly in need of replacement, won't budge. The cupboards need cleaning. It's like being nibbled to death by guppies.
But hold on! Sit down and brace yourself. I singlehandedly, with no outside assistance, repaired a gas range burner. This keeps up and someone may call me a craftsman. Yeah, right!
But the house is shaping up nicely. We get used to the changes one step at a time, yet the difference is vast. Soon, very soon, it will be ready for a tenant or two.
It's rewarding to give new life to a house that was mistreated so badly. Moody, the friendly neighbor across the street, stops by often to observe our progress. When we landscaped the front yard, he commented on what a good job we were doing of fixing up the house.
"Fixing up the house?" I said, "Moody, we're fixing up the neighborhood."
It's true. The entire street looks better. I told Moody I should charge him for the landscaping, as he would see it the most. He smiled, and declined.
Rats. I could use something to offset our busted budget.

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