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Tampa, Florida Day Three

'On the Beach' is a common phrase in advertising around here. What it means is this:
Not on the beach. Near the beach. Around a block away from the beach. I guess it's like 24 Hour Fitness. Their contract explains that 24 Hour Fitness is a name, and doesn't mean it is open 24 hours. Could have fooled me. Better yet, it would be nice if what you said was true.
To date, I have yet to see something 'on the beach' that's on the beach. Enough whining.
The Little Woman and I ate a delicious breakfast at Sandy's, 'The Best Breakfast on the Beach for 30 Years.' Besides not being on the...sorry. The service, a waitress for every two tables,certainly met our high standards. Eggs, pancakes, sausages and bread exceeded our MacBreakfast standards. I commented that it's pretty hard to screw up a pancake, when I realized how many I'd eaten in the past that gooed out from being undercooked. No problem. Tacky bright artwork hung on the walls, each bearing a price. Apparently many tourists come in and buy this stuff. It's called impulse buying. Two dimensional and looking like paint by numbers, the $80 price tags seemed like a joke. They sure brightened up the walls.
The weather outside is frightful today. While a bit warmer, it rained most of the day and began blowing at dark. We managed to hit the bad weather window for the Sunshine State. We shouldn't complain, as the roof collapsed on a stadium in Minnesota from snow load.
Because our primary motive for Florida was to see family around Christmas, we spent some time at Target and Home Depot today. You know what they are like. Then a half day spoiling the grandkids again. What fun!

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