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Tampa, Florida Day 4 and Wrapup

Ponce de Leon scoured Florida, searching for the Fountain of Youth. Retirees continue today, moving south to lose the snow shovel and enjoy the healing of much water. In de leon's day, water was believed to cause healing, whether from hot springs or clear spring water. Today we know better. Or do we? The hot tub, lakes, water skiing, boating, fishing and playing in the surf certainly offer healing of sorts. And Florida delivers like no other state. It simply has more beach per square mile than any state.
Today it blew. A lot. White sand blew across the road like powder snow, drifting against curbs and curling into the roads. While the weather disappointed in a big way, family inversely blessed like crazy. Spoiling the grandkids and loving on the kids created our own fountain of youth.
One more day, one more adventure.

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