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Tampa Day Two

Fishing is big in Florida. Every flat spot hanging over water carries fishermen with hopes (and apparently nothing else)and bait. They wade in the Gulf with a net and catch herring, then use them as bait. The only successful fish endeavor we saw was a pelican on the pier feasting on leftover herring from a dismal attempt at catching fish.
The beaches are beautiful, gray fine sand with a crunchy frosting of crushed shells. The water is clear, made apparent by pelicans diving for fish. Condos, hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts jostle for position along the shore, the larger ones offering grand views.
To the West lies the Gulf of Mexico, and a few blocks East sports the Intercoastal Waterway. Just as Alaska appears to have mandatory float planes, Florida seems to have a mandatory boat rule. Why not? The water is perfect. Want a cigarette boat for the open sea? Head to the Gulf. Water skiing? Intercoastal. Beaches? Practically everywhere.
Being colder weather, we opted for the parks with swings and playgrounds for the kids. And what do you know? After all these years, tag and hide 'n seek still take first and second choice of games, complete with kids making up rules as they go ("No tag backs!") and challenged with sportsmanship ("I ran out of bounds, I'm not it!"). However, except for a few skirmishes, we all had a great time. The twins of course are too small for such games, and are content with sticking anything they can get their hands on in their mouth and running away from parents. So we all know what game the parents play.
We made a quick run to Arby's for dinner. You know what that tasted like. Then an emergency run for diapers (how often does that happen?) and a tour of a city park decorated with Christmas lights. Bonus time! The tourists don't know what they're missing.
One more day, one more adventure.

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