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Service Horror Story

Service- everybody talks about it. Yet sometimes, it is simply missing. Here’s a Big Box hardware store horror story.
Chapter One: Bad Service
The Little Woman and I bought a dishwasher to replace our broken one. The Big Box hardware store displayed one, on sale, and free delivery. Not only that, they’ll pick up the old one. “No problem,” the salesman said. They’ll bring it Saturday between 2 and 5.
Saturday at 11, the truck pulled up. I just started removing my old machine. “No problem,” the delivery man said, “just call the store and we’ll come back and get it.”
No problem.
I told the Little Woman I had a feeling.
I called on Monday. “No problem.”
I waited a week. I called again. This time I told the guy my name and problem.
“No problem. We’ll take care of it.”
I hung up the phone. I knew I wasn’t going to get any help.
He didn’t even ask my address.
I waited a week.
Now I’m mad.
I loaded the beast into my truck, ready for a fight. I was prepared to dump the thing in their doorway. I went to the appliance department. ‘Daniel’ sat at the desk.
I told him my problem. Told him the dishwasher was in my truck, in the parking lot.
“Why’d you bring it here? Why didn’t you just take it to the dump? That’s what we’re going to do with it.”
Now I’m really mad. I carefully explain that that is exactly what they are going to do with it.
Reluctantly, Daniel goes looking for George. I follow him.
Suddenly it dawns on me.
I recognize his voice!
This is the guy that blew me off on the phone!
Can’t find George. We go back to his desk. He says he’ll check the lunch room. I get up to follow.
“Stay here. I’ll take care of this.”
I wait.
Fifteen minutes.
He comes back.
“Get a cart, take the old dishwasher to Returns. If they have any problem, have them call me.”
Now I’m really, really mad. Get it yourself! The nerve!
I bring it to Returns. The kind lady there hasn’t heard from Daniel. Why am I not surprised? She graciously takes it off my hands.
Chapter Two: Accountability
I belong to a club. A member works for the Big Box hardware store. I tell him the story.
Now he is mad. He is HR. He knows Daniel. Danny boy has a history.
Has me write the story down. He’ll take care of it!
I get a phone call, and an apology, and a fifty dollar gift certificate, and another apology from some girl at Central.
A week later, I see the guy at the club again. What happened to Daniel?
“It’s been handled.”
Chapter Three: Consequences
We’re rehabbing a foreclosed house. I need a microwave. I go to the Big Box hardware store. Find the one I like. A salesman is helping someone down the aisle. He comes by.
“Where can I get one of these?” I point to the appliance.
“I’m busy with this guy. It’ll be a while.” No ‘I’ll get someone else to help you.’ No apology. Just a curt response.
It’s Daniel!
I leave the store without the micro. I’ll buy it at the other Big Box hardware store.
One Big Box is blue, one is orange.
Which one was it?

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