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Let's here it for...microwaves!

Since I'm rehabbing a house, I spend a lot of time pushing a shopping cart through Big Box hardware stores. I am shocked at the prices. High? No, low! For instance, you can buy a light fixture for fifteen bucks and change. Ceiling fan? They have them below fifty. How about a package of ten electric plate covers, with screws? Less than two bucks. It is ridiculous.
One item I shopped for is a microwave. I found one that mounts under the counter, with a fan and charcoal filter, complete with turntable, for under two hundred bucks.
The microwave, like the toilet and hot water heater, has not evolved. Oh sure it has the popcorn feature and digital buttons, but it is generally the same as the 80's when it was born. I think some things don't evolve because they nailed it the first time. They simply work great!
At the risk of sounding old (you know, before microwaves, cell phones, faxes and the George Foreman grill), I remember slathering the pan with oil, turning on the stovetop, and shaking the frying pan while holding the lid as my popcorn quickly turned to ash. Now we pop it in the microwave, wait until the two second rule kicks in, and enjoy hot (like BLAZING hot!) popcorn. Simple.
At the risk of sounding young, (like I always remember television, washing machines and telephones), I remember my dad telling me his mom cooked oatmeal on the wood stove overnight. Wow! Now I pop it in the magic machine, and in two minutes the oatmeal is ready. What a miracle! We simply take these things for granted. And all for a couple hundred bucks. It mounts up out of the way, and has a clock that is programmable. I mean, even I can set it for the correct time.
On Thursday I'll give you an update on the house rehab. Stay tuned for a stupendous report!
Gotta go.
Whip up a batch of yummy popcorn.

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