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The New Normal

So my company is liquidated, so now what? Most of the unwinding is done. Got some time on my hands. I'm looking for opportunities. What have I found?
First, the writing. I have written two novels since the company closed, and am working on a third. Silent Night, Holy War, first in a three book series,is a book about a church that is attacked by terrorists on Christmas Eve, and how the pastor and congregation struggle to rebuild their lives and their church. I'm pitching them to agents and editors. I have three other books started or rattling around in my brain as well.
Contrary to the media, Las Vegas is still alive. This week we were awarded fifth in the WORLD for a bad economy. Right. Didn't see Port-au-Prince, Haiti in that lineup. How about Kisumu, Kenya? The study is based on economic retraction. Well, even retracted, we are still cooking along in aome areas.
For instance, 2010 is the third hottest year for Real Estate sold. Third best, next to 2005 and 2008. Wow.
The Little Woman and I bought a house. It had cat urine on the carpets, rotting food in the closet, dead landscaping, holes punched in the walls.
In other words, beautiful.
The only thing better would have been if it had burned some, but it's okay.
We're fixing it up and making it a rental.
We've done it before. This is house number 5. The second worst house. The worst had a cat abandoned in it for a month. Took a year to get the smell out. Now it's a nice little place.
We removed the carpet and vinyl, ripped out lights, toilets, appliances and fixtures. Patched up the holes. Tomorrow is texture day, then paint.
When I say 'we', I mean Larry, my former project manager (Name changed to protect the innocent) and me. He is a handy guy. And I am a...well, a guy. I can handle a broom and sander, screwdriver and hammer. Maybe next week I can use a power tool. Don't hold your breath.
The place is coming around.
So much for time on my hands.
I'll keep you posted.
So far, so good.

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