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Thanksgiving Debrief

Turkey day is over and we're about done. The relatives are back home, the house is cleaned up, and the leftover are...well, they're still leftovers.
Let's not fall into the trap. What trap? Being thankful on only one day. As wonderful as Thanksgiving is, with friends and relatives and good food, it's a great time to thank God for His provision. But let's not save it for one day! It's great to have an attitude of gratitude year 'round.
Our church has a special day every year- 'Volunteer Appreciation Day,' where the staff takes one night to express gratitude for all the volunteers that serve so selflessly through the year. Very cool. But you know what I like? They do it all the time. Many, many times pastors have thanked me personally, or expressed gratitude to the team I am on, for what we do. It makes it worthwhile.
Take time to thank someone for what they do. Fellow volunteers? A little appreciation goes along way. Employees? The bosses say, "Why should we thank them? We pay them." Yes, but the pat on the back helps change the employee from indentured servant to fellow worker.
How about employers? Having been one, most employees don't show apprecaition. But the ones that do? Boy, they really lighten the load, and brighten the day.
Friends too. Just a few words can encourage someone greatly.
So go on. Say thanks. Tell the guy at the coffee shop you appreciate him. The woman ringing up the soda and candy at the convenience store. Practice. Pretty soon you'll be good at it.

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