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Your Baby- What do You Do With It?

You have a goal. Hopefully more than one. You've written it down. Now what? Keep referring to it, whether it is on your bathroom mirror, at your desk, or on your monitor.
Don't forget to verbalize it. "I will be debt free by December of 2012." "I will own a vacation cabin by March of '13." Or perhaps, "I will be in middle management at my company by the end of next year." A current verbaliztion could be, "I'll have a job (be specific about the job) in six months." Note the time constraints. It's very important you give it a time limit.
Share it with others. Be very careful with this. Don't divulge to a doubter, at least not at first. Should a relative or coworker be cynical, it won't do any good to share your vision. They will throw doubts and confusion at you, pehaps causing you to doubt the outcome yourself.
Find a 'believer.' Someone who you think will be supportive. Screw up your courage and dish it out a bit at a time. If the person responds negatively, steer the conversation elsewhere.
Should you find a 'believer,' wonderful! It becomes a great place to clarify and possibly improve your goal and how you accomplish it. There's nothing like a supporter to aid you in your journey.
Your goal can be a huge one. See the last picture? This is quilter woman, Jan from Michigan, who decided she wanted to bicycle across America. She didn't let her age (60+), her weight (40+ lbs. overweight), or her condition (never biked over twenty miles) stop her. This photo was taken as she dipped her back wheel in the Pacific Ocean in San Diego. She dipped it in the Atlantic at the start. If she can do that, what can you or I do?
The first picture is Amy Parsons, our daughter in law, with Amari, the oldest of twin daughters. She and Paul set a goal to adopt two Ethiopian girls, and it was twenty times more difficult than they ever imagined. Yet they never wavered, and after a few years, quite a few thousand dollars and about as much paperwork, they adopted 'Mimi' (Amari) and 'Choo Choo' (Aslyn). Sometimes the more difficult a goal is to realize, the more sweet it is when accomplished.
The Little Woman and I have been working on a goal, a dream, for quite some time. We have both been excited about it, and are consistently working together on it. The target is a big one, a once in a lifetime goal that has lain dormant in the back of my mind since I was seventeen years old.
This week I shared it with my Small Businessmen's Small Group. Reactions were mixed, of course, as people are all different. However, two people got really excited about it. Those are the people I want to divulge more about it as time passes. You see, it won't happen until March 29, 2012. There is a lot of planning going into this.
I'll tell you what it is.
Next month.
I want to make sure you're a believer.

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