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House Rehab Update

Not only are we rehabbing a foreclosure house, we are also moving. So life is chaos. Need a screwdriver? Slide between the piles of boxes, step over the stack of spare floor tiles, move 'Dozing Santa' aside, and dig through the toolbox. And voila! No screwdriver, as it is at the rehab house. Life is lived one box at a time, emptied, cut and flattened. The towering stack of brown threatens to cascade onto the casual passerby.
Back to the house. As most contractors understand, it is behind schedule and above budget. I think I'll open a hardware store and name it 'Behind and Above'.
However, the place is beautiful. Today, the crews and I installed granite countertops, blinds, door hardware and toilets. The yard is 98% done, and providing pleasant curb appeal. We are running toward the finish line. The only major work left is carpeting, next Wednesday. That gives us time to install closet doors, microwave, fridge, washer and dryer.
The project is rewarding. We get to give a neighborhood eyesore a facelift, and put resurrection power into a dead house. Instead of the worst house on the block, it is one of the nicest. It should make a very comfortable place for a family.
Now where is the camera? In the truck? On the counter? Or (God forbid!)in a box? I guess today will feature archive files. Many apologies!

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