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Searchlight Grand Prix

This Saturday is the Searchlight Grand Prix (, perhaps the most fun you can have on a dirt bike in southern Nevada. The race takes place on a motocross course, across the desert, through peoples' back yards and carports (honest!), and up the paved streets of the city. What a blast! It's a big deal in Searchlight, probably the largest since the Tea Party came through a few months back. Speaking of that, it's the home of Pinky. Maybe we'll see him. Who's Pinky, you say? That's Senator Harry Reid. Yep, it's his hometown. However, I'm pretty sure he'll be chilling in his crib at the Ritz Carlton in D.C. Probably telling people stories about how he walked forty miles to school. Right.
The start of the race is the most fun. Hopefully I'll get some video and attach on a later blog. Dead engine start, twenty or so bikes on the line. Quiet as a tomb. The starter throws the flag, and 700 horepower of fun charges down a straight to the first turn.
Perhaps I like the start so much because I usually get awesome starts. I grew up racing short track, and you only had five laps to win, so you simply had to get a great start. Before you judge me as an arrogant old man, here's how I usually race: Get a fabulous start (Perhaps a holeshot. That's when you're the first rider into the first turn), then steadily and methodically work my way to the back of the pack. If the races were two hundred feet long, I would have a lot more trophies.
I am the guy that races to help others feel good about themselves. Like this: A guy is racing, and not doing too well. Lots of people have passed him. Then, he sees a bike ahead. He chases it down and passes the guy. "Well, at least I beat him." That's me. Not the beat-er, but the beat-ee.
But it sure is fun.

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