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Searchlight Grand Prix, Nov. 13,2010

"Five!?!" I yelled it into my helmet. The white paper plate stapled to the lath stake bore a simple black number. Sheesh! The course is ten plus miles, and I'm already looking for some morphine. Okay, an Advil and a nice stretch. Plus, this is only the first lap, of three. Wow. Should have trained a little more.
Predictably, I got a great start, easily the first into the left hand sweeper. Downshifitng, I hit neutral and drifted up the banking. A bike rockets past. Rats. Well, it was one of many, really. However, I passed a few. Like the kid on lap 3. He looked pretty young, but with a helmet and gear on, how could I tell? I suppose by his riding style. As I passed him, I thought, 'I was racing before you were born.' Wait a minute. I could have been racing before his DAD was born!
Searchlight did not disappoint this year. We rode through the motocross course, over tires and logs, through the desert, through a shop, a couple front and back yards, and over the streets of town. A true motorcycle grand prix, and lots of fun.
Thanks to the shreiking winds, dust was less of a challenge than past years- although later last evening, my eyes felt like the sandman had given me seconds.
After racing on an off for more than forty four years, this event was a first. We packed five guys- Bob, Chris, Kevin, Mark and me into a pickup with the bikes on a trailer, all the gear in the back. Heading out at four thirty a.m., we sounded like college kids on a road trip, joking, laughing and telling stories of races past.
Going home, a completely different story. We slumped in the truck, rehearsed the race and realized we possessed more aches and pains than originally thought. But we left one another satisfied that a great time was had by all. Check out the four minute video on It paints a pretty good picture of the race.


Bob "thee sandbagger" Gardner said...

What a great time we had, a great race, beutiful weather for Nov., and most of all great friendship. Thanks for being a good friend

Browse around... said...

Thanks for being a great friend yourself. and congratulations for winning your class!