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Happy Thanksgiving

Family, friends, neighbors and faith. Thanksgiving is the best time. I love Turkey Day, and not because of the turkey. (Okay, maybe some of the reason is the roasted bird). It is just get together time. No chaos like Christmas. No unlimited sugar ingestion like Halloween. No burn the town down like the fourth of July.
First, it is family. Getting together with those we love for a meal and time of fellowship together. We had son Tim and Jamie with little Lily (7 months) over, as well as youngest son Jonathan, and my dad. Dad told stories of Thanksgivings past, like what it was like during the Depression. That give us perspective.
Friends texted Thanksgiving wishes and blessings throughout the day. Bob invited me to ride dirt bikes this morning, a tradition of many years that seems to be breaking apart lately.
Some neighbors stopped by with the cutest little chocolate/candy corn/vanilla wafer turkey treats youever saw. Very nice!
And faith. This year I pondered the question; Who or what do atheists thank on this day? The blast?
Good day to thank the Lord for His wonderful provision. Jamie asked what we were most thankful for this year. I said family, for sure. Additionally, I said this could possibly be the best year of my life if I looked at the bright side, but sometimes I fretted over the business shutting down, selling our house, and financial worries, real and imagined. Time to polish up the 'attitude of gratitude.'
Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

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