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Grand Canyon North Rim- day 3

A thousand pardons! No wifi. What do you expect for $34 for a campsite? Okay, enough whining.
I would like to hear from people who have cell phone internet for their laptops. Wifi seems limited in remote areas, as well as campgrounds. What have you done? What does it cost? What kind of coverage do you get? Just put it in the comments at the bottom. Thanks!
We broke camp and headed out. Seeing the sign, the little Woman said, “Let’s go see Jacob Lake.”
We both tend to be spontaneous people, so I replied,“Sure.”
So we took off. Down this dirt road. Pulling a trailer with a motorcycle. A wet, dirt road. It wound down, then up, the lake seemed like it poked between the trees. We rode on. No lake. Finally, exasperated, we turned around. Rode back up the road. Then, a sign.
“That’s it.”
“That is Jacob Lake?”
“Uh huh.”
“No way.”
It was a puddle! Had to be less than an acre. It was almost dried up. Probably did, in the middle of summer. And it was 100 yards down the road. Too funny!
“Glad we didn’t bring a ski boat.”
Another spontaneous idea sent us to Kanab, Utah and on to Zion. Kanab seems like a really nice town. And it’s nestled among the huge red sandstone cliffs. There is so much red soil, you can be sure no one in the town has white carpet. But it is a clean town, and the views are tremendous. Don’t think I’m Mormon enough to live there, however.
On we rode to Zion. Unbelieveable. Massive stone cliffs majestically rise from each side of the road. The Little Woman snapped pictures as we rode, while I focused on the road- dirt again, this time torn up from construction. For a maiden voyage, it was becoming a trial by fire. Now instead of rocks clinking agains two tires, they clink and snap off four. The trailer follows obediently, however, content to let the bike determine the direction.
Clouds formed again, threatening to rain. Entering St. George, the drops pelted down, but it looked short with a promise of sunshine not far beyond. Sure enough, we burst into sunlight and a nice surprise. The rain preceded us and cooled off the planet, rewarding us with dry roads but cool temperatures, truly a bonus, as the run from Mesquite to Las Vegas is usually a ‘just get through this blast furnace and get us home’ type of ride. Not only did the weather cooperate, but the clouds formed beautiful formations, and changed routinely. The last fill up indicated 30+ miles per gallon, very nice for pulling a trailer. The secret was 68 miles per hour. Just cruise along and enjoy the scenery.
Wrap up;
The Trailmaster trailer gets high marks. Aside form a few leaks, it performed beautifully. We however, could plan a bit better. Like a lantern, flashlight, and heat source. We brought nothing to cook with, and by design, as we want to pick other peoples’ brains as to what works best. The bed is good. Not great, so we’re looking at a featherbed, or egg crate foam perhaps. No big deal. The things tows nicely, even though it looks- and is- large. Pulling into a parking place, the trailer sticks out into the parking area.
The Grand Canyon? You can’t beat it. And the Zion bonus, so cool.
Rant: $34 for a dirt campsite. The last time I’ll complain about it.
Rave: North Rim Lodge. Awesome! You can sit inside or out and look at the Grand Canyon until your heart rate slows to the rate God intended. And the cabins? They rock!
Muttering: I like the signs in all the parks that tell me of the flora and fauna. Just stop nagging me about man’s polluting the earth and wrecking the delicate nature balance. I know!
Musing: All my life I’ve heard two school of thought; manage the forests and put out the fires, or let nature have its way and let them burn. How about this? If man starts it, put it out. If it’s caused by nature, let it burn.
Day two and one are below, again with my humble apologies.
One more day. One more adventure.

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Ann Cashen said...

Thank you for visiting Kanab in Kane County, UT! We are glad you liked our town.
From all of us here at the Kane County Office of Tourism,
Happy Trails.