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Let's Hear it For...Who?

For this month's Rave, let's hear it for...(drumroll please...) engineers!
Everyone is ready to clap, then they stop, their jaws drop.
Aren't they like... the most boring people on earth?
Nonsense! Okay, maybe so. But they do the coolest stuff, sometimes. When my boys grew up, they played with Transformers. You remember them. First it looked like a school bus. Then he would flip a few things around, and viola! A refrigerator. He would reach in and pull out a cold refreshing Diet Pepsi. Twist a few more things, and he drove his car off to school. Okay, maybe not. But they were cool. And most of the work to build them was done by engineers.
Computers (which I agree, are sometimes a tool of Satan) have helped them tremendously. Between 3-D design and computer-driven robotics for precision work, those boring fellows with the pocket protectors build amazing things.
Let's back up here. I have a friend who's an engineer. Wait! Come back! It's okay, really. He designs and tests fire supression equipment. You still look dubious. He sets things on fire!Then he puts them out. All over the world. Now that's pretty cool, even if he does wear a pocket protector.
Now take my Yamaha R-6. No, don't you dare take it. But look at the mufflers. Beautiful stainless steel. The welds are straight as a string, as they were probably done with robotics. I don't care. The workmanship is flawless. And look at the tips. They aren't round but rather elliptical. Truly a masterpiece. Now the REAL cool thing about them.
They mounted easily.
Anyone who has installed a steel thingy onto another steel thingy knows that it can be a wrestling match. Steel doesn't bend nor yield. Yet, when you slip the bolt through the hole and a turn and a half later the threads are twisting into the frame, it is a beautiful thing.
Had enough? No way! Now look at how the mufflers fit onto the exhaust. See any black? No, because they fit perfectly. No exhaust leak. Woo hoo!
Ain't done yet! Now fire up the bike. Ahh. What a sweet sound. A bit more throaty than stock, but not even near irritating. Mmmm. And you should hear it at 16,000 RPM. My oh my.
What more could there be? They are lighter than stock. That is really nice.
Now for the Bonus Round. The photos were taken with my phone. Another amazing thing that engineers (albeit, computer engineers) designed. And while it isn't near the quality of a real camera, it is pretty darn good. Let's not forget video, and that wonderful addition, GPS. I am no longer lost. Pretty much.
Back to the pipes.
The way they fit next to each other is a sight to behold. Such design! Such innovation! I think I'll just stare at them for awhile.
Forget that.
I'm going riding.

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