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ReSys Pulls Through!

This months Rave features ReSys Real Estate. They almost made the Rant.
We sold our house, but hadn't bought another. Not good. The Little Woman was stressing. Who am I kidding? We were both stressing!
A tenant moved out of a rental house we own, and the little house became available. How nice. And, an answer to prayer.
But the agent at ReSys (who shall remain unnamed) kept dropping the ball.
Moving day loomed.
Calls were not returned. The stress level is building. We are all set up to move on Friday, but to where? Is the house ready? Does it need cleaning? Have they leased it to someone else?
Finally, Linda, the office manager, comes to the rescue! She sends her inspector out (36 hours before the movers arrive) and arranges the cleaning (twenty minutes after we talk!), hauling off the debris (next morning), and carpet shampooing (12 hours before launch). Great job Linda! Amazing how one person can suddenly grab the wheel of the car that's out of control, and steer it back into the lane, just before the exit.
The stress level has dropped- no, plummetted, considerably.
Thanks Linda, and you get the Monthly Rave award for September!

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