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Road Trip to Indianapolis, Indiana

This month's motorcycle trip is to Indianapolis, Indiana, for the American Christian Fiction Writer's conference. I'll take in some seminars and classes, eat and rub elbows with other writers, publishers, agents and teachers. I'll get a chance to pitch my manuscript, 'Silent Night, Holy War', the story of a church, attacked by terrorists during a Christmas Eve service, and how the pastor and congregation must rebuild their lives and the church in the aftermath.
Flying solo this time. 'Flying' may be the operative word, as the goal for day one may be Hays, Kansas. I know. You are so jealous. "Hays, Kansas? I've always wanted to see Hays." Looking at Google Maps, Hays is around 1,097 miles. That would be a personal record, my best so far being 750. But without the Little Woman, and nothing to look at (sorry, Kansas), why not blast on in? It's just my competitive nature. Well, we'll see. It should be a pretty straight shot. Okay, not really. First, there's Utah. Lots of windies and mountains. Then Colorado, ditto. And it looks like 70 goes through Denver. That will be no picnic. And filling the Motobago with fuel every 150 miles will certainly drop the average speed. No matter. I'll just go until it is time to stop.
Solo riding will certainly be different. No one to talk to, no pointing out interesting things along the way. The other down side is the Little Woman forces me to slow down and even- brace yourself- stop... and look at things. 'Smell the flowers', if you will. Doubt that's gonna happen.
But it is nice to ride slow, enjoy the moment, see, hear, touch and feel. I'm getting better at that.
This trip is probably going to be a setback.

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