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Moving Part II, or, the Stunning Conclusion?

"We almost got this thing." I said it again. This is the third day I've said it. Not the hird day moving, mind you, but the third day I knew we were almost there. 'Just a little...'- right.
Trips eight and nine to Goodwill today. Hopefully, nine is the last. When I drive up they gather and wave, tears of joy sparkle at the corners of their eyes.
Are we moved, really? We 'moved' from a 4,000 s.f. house to a 1,400, until we purchase the real thing. So a lot of stuff we 'simply can't live without' is in a 53 foot van, 3/4 full, sitting placidly at our shop until the joyous day comes.
Okay, the upstairs is DONE. No reason to go up there again. The RV garage, done. All the floors are swept and vacuumed. Done. Just a few loose ends in the garage.
What is the last loose end when one moves? Used to be cleaning supplies. Or the vacuum cleaner. Maybe garden hoses, in an 'oops' moment. The mail?
The very last thing is this.
The computer.
Haven't times changed dramatically? Cox won't be to the 'new' house until tomorrow, so the computer and one chair remain. Why, you can't just pack it and forget it! For one whole day? Are you crazy? That's insane! That's being without the cell phone for AN HOUR. Horrors!
So, I'll get the last stuff to my friends at Goodwill, clean up the final vestiges of junk, and turn off the computer, hoping the man shows up as promised and successfully hooks me up. We're stepping out in faith, here.
I would like to thank my sponsors, in NASCAR fashion.
Roger, who helped me move even though I didn't help him when he moved, not long ago. Now that's a real friend. I will live with the guilt.
Bob and his son Jake, who showed up in a timely fashion, as it took six of us to disassemble the quilting machine and get it down the stairs and into storage.
Keith, who worked like a sled dog all day, in spite of a bad back.
Jonathan, my youngest son, who pitched in and was there for the Quilt Challenge. Hope he remembers how to reassemble it.
Gay Lynn, another brave soul who tackled the sewing room.
Linda, Sherri's friend, who mostly helped with the kitchen and sewing room. Gutsy.
Amy, my mother-in law, who crushes every mother-in law stereotype and flew down here to help for four days. Wow. And Tracy, Sherri's sister, who provided the ticket.
And lastly, Crown Movers. Man, those guys move. And that's what moving is all about.

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