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Day 8

Day 8: Around the Seattle vicinity.
Today is people day, starting actually last night. We met Tom Knowlton and his wife Kathy for dinner at Scott's Bar and Grill, at 205th and Aurora. Awesome food! The cream of mushroom soup (best ever!) was delicious, and the Cajun Chicken Fettucine tasted most exquisite. Pasta with a kick, then Key Lime pie for dessert. The sweetest dessert (and no calories) however, was good fellowship with friends. Tom and I have been buddies since freshman year in High School, in 1969, Mr. Merrill's homeroom. I still wake up screaming in the night. Anyway, that makes us friends for 41 years. Kathy and the Little Woman get along well too, so we had a great time. Then off to the Little Woman's sister, Tracy's place to spend the night in Lake Forest Park. She gave us the royal treatment and a tour of her recently remodeled house, a two year project. Her two dogs enjoyed smelling us.
Today we dropped daughter Amy off with cousin Leah, lastly off to the in-law's house for good times on the deck, and capped off with Mom's home cooking. I will waddle into the house at the end of this trip. Today contained very little riding, as the next few days won't either. Sort of a break on the road trip. But good times with friends and relatives.
And now, for our weekly awards;
Best road: Hell's Canyon, beating Hwy.55 at the North Fork Payette River by a whisker. Fewer cars gave it the nod.
Worst road: Cascade, Oregon, around the lake. Constant tension on gravel and dirt roads, increased with liquid.
Stupidest driver: the clown driving out of the Columbia Gorge. He drove so slowly that a motor home, pulling a Jeep, passed him when the passing lane appeared. The clown moved to the right and sped up (a common, frustrating occurrence) as the motor home attemted to overtake him. The motor home is running out of lane. The big rig creeps to the right. The clown moves onto the shoulder and STILL doesn't slow! Give the clown a trophy and a gift certificate for a brain transplant.
Highest corn: Eastern Washington wins with 6-7'.
Stupidest gas price: Outside Yakima, Washington at $3.47 for unleaded regular. The only thing missing in this holdup is the gun.
Worst traffic: Seattle, hands down. A jillion cars, all trying to go the same way.
Best natural beauty: Shoshone Falls, Idaho. Huge canyon. Huge water. Huge falls.
That's a wrap for the week! Very fun and fascinating. Can't wait for more adventure.

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