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Day 7

XXXXXXXXX Day 7; Auburn, WA to Marysville, to Lake Forest Park.
We rolled out a bit late (becoming a habit this trip!) and headed to Snoqualmie Falls. This morning was the coldest and clammiest of the trip. Low clouds kept moisture high and temperatures low. We doubled back to Enumclaw for a tasty breakfast and read the paper, getting caught up on the news for the first time in a week. No good news!
Off again, up 169, then highway 18, and into the quaint town of Snoqualmie. The theme? Old trains and logging. The highway entering town is flanked by numerous engines and cars in various stages of disrepair. Perhaps it is 'guilting' the citizens to put up some cash to fix up these relics. A lot of memories and potential restored antiques sit nose to tail.
Snoqualmie Falls contiues to...well, fall. Huge volumes of water cacade to the pool below from a great height. The spray spirals and weaves away from the falls like smoke. The water vapor creates a mini rainforest in the immdiate vicinity, with dew dripping off trees above like rain. The guests are an international mix of Asian, Native American, Mexican, Indian,and Whites.
Off agian, and our olfactory is treated to the scents of strawberries from the adjacent fields. The trees crowd to the highway, underscoring the name, "Evergreen State."
At last we hook up with relatives. Often the best times are sitting around the deck and just chatting. Another example of my oldness stares me in the face.
Time for a little diversion and product placement;
The Little Woman and I travel with Chatterboxes, small intecoms that easily mount on our helmets. We've used them for two years, so I can safely say they work great. It's an excellent tool for the long trips, giving the riders clear communication. They mount simply; clip the box to the side of the helmet, feed the wire behind padding, attach the velcro for micropone and earpieces, and stick them on. In hot weather, the glue can turn liquid and the mics fall off; super glue to the rescue! The range is quite limited, but if you're both on the bike, how much range do you need? Be sure to mount the boxes on the same side, as they are 'line fo sight', and while you may be within range, turn your head and lose the connection. They can be used as Buetooth for cell phones and Ipods, but I see no need for them myself. I ride the bike to get away from the phone. They last all day, and we recharge them every night, no problem. Unless you're in a fleabag motel, and you need to charge two Chatterboxes, two cell phones, a camera and a laptop. Then you may have a problem.
No, I haven't been paid by Chatterbox. I just give credit where credit is due.
Thought you'd like to know.

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