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Day 9

XXXXXXXXX Day 9; Chillin', partyin', shoppin', familyin' and golfin'.
The Gold Wing got the entire day off today, for a well deserved rest. Kevin goes golfing, and the Little Woman and Mom T. went shopping.
Golfing is Seattle is (although cold) an experience in beauty. The fairways at Kayak Point cut through the giant evergreen trees. The trees, while attractive, consume glof balls at a great rate. I shot a seven over par. That means I lost seven balls. My score? Who knows? I learned to stop keeping score a long time ago, and have since enjoyed the game much more. Besides, 'you're playing against yourself', right? So who cares. I try to remember the good hots and shake off the bad ones. Golfed with Dad, cousin Shawn, and brother Bill. Good times.
Then off to sister-in-law Tracy's house for a party. (Birthday party for Tim, 3 days late? Reunion? Or just a party?) Food, fun, fellowship, and friends- even though they were all relatives.
As I return and enter the garage, I am wracked with guilt as the bike sits stoically, covered with grime and dirt. I simply must wash it! Perhaps tomorrow. But tomorrow is the reunion, a church service honoring the old man, and a reception. So much fun going on, there's no time for work. Tsk tsk.

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