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The Little Woman

Okay, I've gotten flack from people about my pet name for the Little Woman, which is, 'the Little Woman'. Why would you call her that? She okay with that?
She started it.
She did! It went like this;
"The little man came out today to fix the ice maker."
How little was he, Sherri? Did he use climbing gear to assault the freezer, trek through the ice cubes, then shinny up the water tube in the back?
Another one;
"The little man brought the plans by today."
So, he rolled them into the office like a logger in one of those contests, maybe?
"The little men are here to remove the tree."
Well, there's a pickup in the street. This is how it appears in my literal mind; Juan stands on the seat, and Carlos works the pedals.
"More gas, Carlos."
"Juan, careful, man. It feels like we are speeding."
"Brake, Carlos, brake!"
Carlos backs up, then throws himself against the brake pedal.
So, Sherri gets the name. I guess it's my way of putting it right for all those little men out there.
Besides she's shorter than me. A lot.