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Sam Abraham's real name is Abraham Araham. He's on the terrorism watch list. I love that! They have him on their list, yet some maniac gets on a plane at Christmas and tries to blow it up. Anyway, I'm proud to have a friend like Sam, and to have him on the watch list, too.
Sam owns Sam's Cycle Supply. (Clever name, right?) It's a great place to buy bike parts and accessories. You just better not be in a hurry. Sam will take the time to tell you the latest joke. (Ask about the letter from Nancy Reagan to John Hinkley, who shot her husband. Hilarious!)
Seriously, though, sometimes you go in the store, and a guy is sitting on a barstool, watching the latest motocross race on the televisons. Why is it diffeent than a bar? Well, the parts hanging on the wall, and the abscense of alcohol. Although unconfirmed reports indicate Sam has offered customers a beer from the fridge in back. Last week I stopped in for a filter and clutch lever. Sam was holding court behind the bar when Kendra answered the phone. After she hung up, Sam said, "Didn't Kendra do a great job of answering the phone?"
"What did you expect her to do?" I asked, "she said, 'Sam's Cycle Supply, Can I help you?'"
"Yes, but she did such a nice job of it, don't you think?"
What a nice guy.
So if you need parts or service, stop by and see Sam. He will hook you up. Just don't stop in if you're in a hurry.