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Thumbs up Clark High School

Well, if we have a monthly rant, why not a monthly rave? This won't sound like it at first. Education Week magazine ranks Nevada 50th for the quality of its K-12 education. That is low! So we're 50th out of- how many states? Just kidding.
However, last week some Toastmasters and I were invited to speak at Clark High School. I was impressed. Cheryl Berg originally asked us to speak to her Senior Class about how speaking is important in the marketplace. I assumed it would be a challenge, as they are seniors, and had one eye on the exits at this point. Okay, both eyes. It turns out we spoke to three classes; sophomores, juniors and seniors. The kids were attentive, and when we dragged them to the front to speak themselves, they spoke intelligently and clearly.
During one part of the lesson I spoke about overcoming nerves and fear when speaking. I quoted from Napoleon Hill’s book, ‘Think and Grow Rich.’ Quite a title, don’t you think? Written in the Great Depression, Hill identifies how to be successful, no matter what the circumstances. It’s in its 7th decade of print.
During a break in the teaching, Mr. Farese, who teaches juniors, spoke up. He said something like this; “Listen up, people. Mr. Parsons is quoting form the book we’ve studied, ‘Think and Grow Rich.’” He held it up. He said more, but I’m stopping him here. You don’t need to know what he said, but it was good.
He’s teaching them from one of the best selling success books of all time? After class, I affirmed his great choice. He pointed to numerous plaques and awards on the front wall of the classroom. Very cool! Hats off to the teachers, Ms. Berg, Mr. Farese, and Ms. Strom. So even though Nevada ranks 50th in the nation, I think these Clark High School teachers keep us from being ranked, like, 63rd or something.