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Alaska Bound!

Yes, my two friends Mel and Jim and I are embarking on an Alaskan adventure, the Last Frontier! Saturday we fly the friendly skies and I am excited to go. One reason is Monday it's supposed to be 108 degrees in Las Vegas. "Oh, it's a dry heat." Right. Fire up your oven and climb inside. That's a dry heat too. But Anchorage? 60 and cloudy. Hmm, sounds like the other extreme. But we'll take it!

My really detailed friend Mel has developed an amazing itinerary, and we will see museums and demonstrations, history and culture. Not to mention riding through some of the prettiest country anywhere.
I'll post on this blog every day (wifi permitting), and because the iPad is a tool of Satan,I will not post photos, but will put them up on FB.
I'm renting a Kawasaki KLR650, and am thinking about upgrading. Last time I rented a BMW GS800, and really enjoyed it. We'll see.

I suppose I should think about packing, as the plane leaves Saturday morning. Okay, I thought about it. I'll pack tomorrow night. Or maybe early Saturday morning. I don't have to worry about forgetting anything, because Mel will have everything, so I can just mooch off him.
There's a plan.


Sherry Carter said...

I'm so jealous! Alaska's number one on my bucket list. As soon as my husband retires. Have a great time! Post pictures.

Anonymous said...

The travel advisory warned me to watch out for MOOSE. It didn't say a thing about watching out for a MOOCH!
How does one even tell the difference? I hear they are both large, hairy and mostly mild-tempered mammals that can become aggressive and fast-moving when startled or angered.
It's gonna be a busy trip. Jim, you keep an eye out for the moose while I watch for the mooch!