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Alaska Adventure Day 1

Woo hoo! Off to The Last Frontier! A nice SWA flight to Seattle and a not good 2-1/2 hour delayed Alaska Airlines flight to Anchorage. Between us sat Tim, a retired single guy who lives in Alaska. He bought a bike in Cincinatti and rode around the country visiting relatives. Seven weeks and eight thousand miles. That made our plane ride better. Even though late, we got here before sunset. That's a joke, as it is 10;45 p.m. and the sun has yet to set! Very difficult to settle and get to bed.
We've laid out some ground rules. Okay, MEL has laid out some ground rules. Actually, thank God someone has a plan. Some rules:
One guy leads every day and we rotate days. That guy gets the best bed the night before. Tonight, Jim  got best bed and will lead us tomorrow. I got a bed too, since it's my birthday. And Mel bought my dinner too, what a guy.
We have a very thorough and detailed itinerary that included nothing of my input. Guess who did. Mel indicated it wasn't set in stone and we could deviate from it if we filled out forms in triplicate. Kidding on that last part!
I joke about Mel's love of detail, but we took a shuttle to the motel (America's Best Value Inn, product placement), and it is a block from Motoquest and Gwennie's Restaurant. The eatery is 51st out of 665 Anchorage restaurants. Mel informed me of this important fact. He has done his homework. The salmon dinner was delicious and the service was excellent.
Off to bed to try to sleep. Mel reserved the bikes for tomorrow, a brilliant move, as we landed much too late.
Tomorrow we ride through Wasilla and the Ididarod Headquarters, the Musher's Hall of Fame, and will end up in Healy.
Tomorrow I'll have more photos on Facebook.
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Anonymous said...

I didn't know you we're blogging your Alaska trip! So excited to be reading and catching up. - Leah :)