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Back To The Future is Now.

If you're old enough, you remember the film, 'Back to the Future.' Marty McFly and Doc go back in time to 1955. In a sequel, they went forward thirty years to 2015.

Whoa. That's close to now! How does the now-present-future look? Not good friends! Where's my hoverboard? Of course, I can't ride a skateboard, but it still chaps my hide.

What really torques me is no personal flight. I want a flying car, dangit! As early as 1950, futurists predicted flying cars. We've had plenty of time and aren't even close.

A distant second place would be a driverless car. Google is working on it. Yes, not GM, or Ford, or even Toyota, but Google.You'd think they'd be busy enough tracking our every keystroke.

But since they have unlimited money, and I have no idea from where, they are working on it. So far they can drive the experimental thing onto the freeway, then let go. How cool is that? Imagine flying along, bumper to bumper, and no slowdowns because some idiot can't get up to speed on the on ramp.

Shoot, we already have cars that park themselves.Even the pathetic American companies have that capacity, I think. And cars that can stop when they see a problem, warn you when backing, and make toast in the console. I made the last one up, but that would be great too. The smell of fresh toast. Ahh.
And you commuters! You could work in the car, read a book, write one, or play inane games until your brain turns to complete mush.
So, no flight. But get with it people! Let the car do the driving.

Toast in the console. I might be onto something.


Mel said...

I'd like to join you in that toast... Make mine whole wheat, please!

Kevin Parsons said...

A toast to fried bread!